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9.  Story Time is designed to help children develop an appreciation and enjoyment of literature through music, while reading activities enhance children’s vocabulary and comprehension skills and also expands their knowledge base. 

I have always enjoyed doing:    I’VE GOT A LOOSE TOOTH

Instruction:  Go through the chant once.  Ask the children what words are repeated over and over again.  Every time the children hear, “loose tooth,” the children clap.  Go through the chant again and clap on “loose tooth”.  Ask if another words are repeated.  For every time “wiggily, jiggily” is said, slap the knees.   Go through the chant using “wiggily, jiggly” only.  Now try the chant with both actions “loose tooth” and “wiggly jiggily.”

          I’ve got a loose tooth, a wiggily, jiggily, loose tooth.

           I’ve got a loose tooth, a-hanging by a thread.

           So, I pulled my loose tooth, my wiggily, jiggily, loose tooth,

           Put it ‘neath my pillow and then I went to bed.

           Someone took my loose tooth, my wiggily, jiggily, loose tooth,

          And now I have a quarter and a hole in my head.

You can add rhythm instruments to such words as thread (maybe sticks), pillow (bell), bed (maraca), quarter (cowbell), head (block).

Now you put it together with the chanters, slappers, clappers and rhythm instrument sections in a full-fledged production!


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