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Keeping Kids Safe from Harm (Sex Predators and Dangers)-Part 4-More on Grooming

Other exploitive strategies with grooming to target children:
. The longer the sex offender knows the child, the better it is to zero in on grooming!
(“I am available to help out.”)
. The longer a sex offender watches an area, the higher the probability that staff will not
pay attention to the surroundings.
. Sex offenders are generally personable and seek to befriend from those around him.
(“I’m like a salesman but never off work.”)
. Sex offenders will continually test boundaries.
. Sex offenders seek professions that allow them access to victims.
. Sex offenders exploit relationships and social norms to test boundaries.

Remember, most children become a victim of a crime because they can’t recognize the danger and they fail to take the action needed in the crime committed!

Next week, “stranger danger” basic awareness!

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