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Introduction to the Styles of Discipline-Part 6-Freeing Children from Negative Roles

We can free children from playing negative roles by:
• Looking for opportunities to show them a different picture of themselves. “You’ve had that toy since you were a baby and it still works like it was brand new. You take good care of your toys.”
• Putting children in situations where they can see themselves differently. “Picking up your legos is a big job. I’ll hold the bag open while you put them in. Cleaning up is more fun when we do it together.”
• Letting children overhear you say something positive about them. “She held her arm steady for the Doctor even though the shot hurt.”
• Modeling the behavior you’d like to see. “It’s no fun to lose, but I’ll try to be a good sport about it. Congratulations!”
• Being a storehouse for children’s special moments. “I remember the time you sang in front of the class all by yourself. How beautiful it was!”
• Stating your feelings and expectations when the child slips back into playing an old role. “I don’t like that. I know you want to win but I still expect good sportsmanship from you.”

Remember, “Everything You Say and Do and Don’t Do is a Lesson for that child!”

I tried to teach my child with books
He only gave me puzzled looks

I tried to teach my child with words
They passed him by often unheard

Despairingly I turned aside
“How shall I teach this child?” I cried

Into my hand, he put the key
“Come, he said, PLAY WITH ME.”

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