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Introduction to the Styles of Discipline – Part 1

“Once upon a time there were two beautiful butterflies who were delighted when their own baby caterpillar came into the world. As most parents do, they looked forward to seeing their young one turn into a butterfly just like they were. Because they cared so much, they gave their child everything a young caterpillar could possibly want. They were very busy trying to fill his unlimited wants.
P R E S E N T S, Yes! P R E S E N C E, NO!”
“When the time came, they even helped build the protective cocoon within which the metamorphosis would take place. Then they waited with eager anticipation for a beautiful young butterfly to make a grand entrance into the adult world.”
“At last, they saw the cocoon breaking away. To their shock and dismay, their young caterpillar emerged without changing at all! The small caterpillar greeted them with an explanation: “It’s too tough being a butterfly these days. You have to fly on your own and find your own food. There’s no one around to take care of you. I’ve decided to stay just the way I am and keep you company.” (Pause at this point in the story and let it catch the audience’s attention.)
We must realize that as parents and teachers, we are the most important people on the face of the earth for our children. What we think of them, say to them, and do not say to them, our actions and reactions are more important in the shaping of their development than what anyone else in the world says or does to them.
Yes, discipline is one of the biggest problems that every parent or teacher faces. You probably have wondered: “Was I too harsh?” “Did I do the right thing?” “Am I being too easy on the children?” or “What on earth am I going to do now!”

Next week: “What kind of Style of Discipline do you use?”

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