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Introduction to Personality Types of Children Ages 2-6-Part 2-Extraverted and Introverted Perceiving

Remember, we are looking at ages 2-6 as we go through the 4 types of personality types which we can identify 2 out of 4 of these preferences. The first type is the portrait of Extraverted Perceiving:
1. They have a lot of energy
2. They’re curious about everything, and seem to be always asking “Why?”
3. They have lots of ideas and love to talk about them
4. They always have several projects going on
5. They want to be original and interesting
6. They like to be leaders, and resist following
7. They’re very social
8. They’re very independent, and want to do things for themselves
9. They want to be the center of attention
10. They probably tend to be dramatic, and enjoy acting or performing
11. They’re outspoken and energetic and may interrupt frequently, or finish people’s sentences for them

The second type is the portrait of Introverted Perceiving:
1. Very idealistic
2. Take things seriously and personally
3. Quiet and gentle
4. Extremely sensitive
5. Shy and reserved with strangers
6. Enjoy reading
7. Service-oriented, they want to please others
8. They love animals and small babies
9. Likely to be messy and unstructured
10. They need lots of love and affection

We have 2 types left for next week. When the 4 types are listed, think about the children you work with to see if they fit into those types. Some teachers have found more than one type found in children from past workshops.

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