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Ideas from Games for Preschoolers Booklet (BJ10)

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PAPER CLIPPING IT TOGETHER                                                   Skills Reinforced:  Fine motor control and teamwork.                                                    Procedure:

 1.     Two teams are selected with
each child holding a large paper clip.                                        
2.     Each team has five children
and each child holds a piece of paper.                                        
3.     At the signal, each child, one at a time, races to the child with the paper clip to clip on the piece of paper and return
to the line.                                                                                                  
4.     This continues until all
five pieces of paper are clipped onto the one paper clip.

THE SHOEBOX SLIDE                                                                          Skills Reinforced:  Motor
Skill Coordination and teamwork                                          
Procedure:                                                                                                                                   1.     Two teams are selected as they line up behind each other.                                                    2.     Shoeboxes are placed on the
floor for each foot on a starting line.                                        
3.     At the signal, the first in
line places their feet in the shoeboxes and slide race it to the other side of the
room to touch the wall and return.                                                                              
4.     If the foot comes out of the
shoebox, the child must place the foot into it again to continue the race.                                                                                                                                              
5.     When the child returns to
the starting line, the shoeboxes are placed on the line, then that child goes
to the end of the line and the second child begins the task.                                         
6.     This is a relay race and the
first team to finish wins.  

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