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“How the Child Thinks and the Way the Teacher Reacts” – “ME ME ME Virus” – Part 9

The ME ME ME Virus or attention seeking children are everywhere! Everywhere you look, people are demanding attention! The desire for attention is universal regardless of age, color, language, culture, etc. As adults, we want our bosses to notice us and our spouses to talk to us. We need to feel important and heard. It’s the same way with children as they demand our attention. Children want to seek attention in positive and useful ways but if they can’t get it that way, then they will seek attention in negative and useless ways. Some yell, some cry, some want to be yelled at, some talk too much at the wrong time knowing they are doing this inappropriate behavior.

There are 2 kinds of noticing behaviors: the “me” behaviors or help “me” behaviors. In the notice “me” behaviors, you may be faced with eating problems, showing off, acting the clown, interrupting or whining. In the help “me” behaviors, you may see laziness, untidiness, forgetfulness or pretending to be incompetent. Children use these actions against teachers and parents when they seek attention that is not found appropriately.

If you have an attention seeker in your midst, how do you deal with it? I ask you is ignoring the only way to stop negative attention seeking behavior? Do you spend time arguing or getting upset with the child who is looking for answers? What happens if you do encourage, instead, and praise and spend time with the child, will that help? Do you substitute being good with something to ignore that bad behavior? Would that help? What about “one-on-one time? It sure is hard to give that one-on-one time, since 2-7 minutes are spent at home and now in school! Are we all in the same boat? How do you tackle this behavior, as we get them ready with the world??? Need some answers!!!!

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