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“How the Child Thinks and the Way the Teacher Reacts” – Kindness-Part 2

Leah Davies shares these values on kindness:

Here are some thoughts on kindness from children who are 5-7 which I found interesting:
Helping comfort other children who are sad or lonely
Sticking up for children being teased
Reading bed time stories to siblings
Assisting parents while grocery shopping
Setting the dinner table without being asked
Verbally defending classmates
Holding the door for adults
Helping grandpa for why he needs
Sharing toys with siblings
Take care of the family pet(s)
Watching a younger sibling, while their parents are busy at home like doing the laundry
Donating items to people in need
Putting own clothes away
Locating lost items in the house
Cleaning up bedrooms or rooms in home
Bringing in the mail
Using polite language (please, thank you, etc.)
Listening to parents and following directions
Helping their parents by packing their own lunches
Helping younger siblings study
Hugging a family member and telling them – “I Love You”

Always remember – we become caring by doing caring things!

In a large bowl of love mix:
2 cups of faith
2 cups of patience
1 cup sympathy (more if needed)
Blend in:
1 cup of forgiveness
2 tsp. of kindness
1/2 cup of courage….Pour into a heart of joy and sprinkle it with harmony. Top with a spread
of understanding, sweeten with respect and bake in an oven of trust. Serve with a tender smile.

Thanks for you input! Next week, looking at “What does kindness look like? The power of noticing.

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