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Hoop Spelling Activity

Hoop Spelling (Skills Reinforce simple spelling words, counting, and time limit)

 1.  Two hoola hoops are separated about 5 feet and laid on the floor.
 2.  Index cards with alphabet are placed in one hoop and faced up.
 3.  The second hoop has a set of pictures matching each letter and faced up.
 4.  Both the alphabet cards and pictures are mixed up in the hoops.
 5.  The teacher selects one child.  At the teacher’s signal, the child races to the alphabet hoop, picks up a letter, goes to the picture hoops to match the letter with the picture like “b” with “boy.”
 6.  Meanwhile, the children surrounding the hoops start counting slowly to 25 for the child to complete the task.  When the child finds the match, the child races back to the teacher, hands both cards and says “boy” before twenty-five.
 7.  Each child has an opportunity to participate.
 8.  With the younger child just learning the alphabet, place one letter in one hoop, and two pictures in the second hoop, and no time limit.  If the children get good at it, then have the group count to 10.

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