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United States Population is 325.7 million (2017)with 40 million having long-lasting conditions or disabilities or 12.6% as of 2015 with 906, 784 using wheelchairs, 3, 517,225 using canes, 274,783 having artificial limbs and 2 million children with handicaps (a 2% increase in last 10 years).

DEFINITIONS TO UNDERSTAND                                                                                                                Prejudice Definitions:   An opinion is usually prejudice with few unrelated facts;                                          An unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without  knowledge, thought, or reason; Unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, esp. of a hostile nature,  regarding a racial, religious, or national group.

People look at the little things that are prejudice and judge from those things that they see.

Judging Definition:  person qualified to pass a critical judgment

  • Be sure to judge yourself before you judge others
  • In judging others, it’s wise to see with your heart as well as your eyes
  • We usually see things, not as they are, but as we are

Handicap:   A disadvantage that makes achievement unusually difficult;  A physical or mental disability making participation in certain activities of daily living more difficult.


  -Use common sense

  -Don’t be patronizing

  -Be considerate and patient

  -Don’t put undue pressures on yourself to do everything “right!”

  -Do not be afraid to offer assistance

  -Communicate with the child ur adult with the disability

  -Be aware of the language and non-verbal language that you use

  -Learn what you can about the proper etiquette, care and helping the child or adult with a disability

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