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From the activity booklet “Some More We Learn By Doing Games” (BJ04) found in the site

Get the Point

     The children sit in a
circle.  A pencil is spun on the floor
and when it stops, the point points to a child. 
That child stands up, introduces their name, and adds their favorite
color (or song or game or relative).  Each child has a chance to respond. 
The child will spin for the next child to perform the task

Paper Plate Racetrack —

        Make an oval racetrack area.  Two children are selected to race against
each other with loose paper plates on their feet.  If the paper plate slides off their foot,
they must go back to that paper plate, step on it, and race on.  They must slide the paper plates around the
Additional fun can be added
by having this as a relay race.


      Provide each player with an assortment of buttons (about a dozen) with a piece of string about 18 inches long with a knot at one end to serve as a stopper.  On the signal, the players string the buttons. The one who can string the most buttons in one minute wins the game.


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