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Children love to play games, imitate, participate with others, and just have a good time.  These games have the goals needed for the teacher to motivate the children to use those muscles and exercise their bodies into a fun-based educational learning way through these designed games for use both outdoors and indoors.  The younger child and preschool child are, thus, better equipped to play and help them socially towards their future lives.  Here are 4 games:

1.  Balloon Kick

 Procedure:  Select 4 children and give each child a different colored blown-up balloon. Choose a starting point and ending point.  At the “go” signal, the children kick the balloons to the ending point and return to the starting point.  The first child to cross the line wins.  If the balloon bursts, the child is automatically out of the game.  When the balloon kick is over, select another 4 and repeat the game until each child has had a turn.  

Variation:  As a team game, one child kicks the balloon one way and the second child kicks it back the other way.  If you are outside, this game continues until one of the balloons bursts.

2.  Chin Balloon Tag

Procedure:  Balloons are inflated and handed out to the children and placed under chins.  One child is selected to be “it” and also must have the balloon under the chin.  The child who is “it” at the signal tries to tag someone else.  The “it” child can only tag the other child’s balloon by touching their balloon.  When the tag is made, the tagged child becomes the “it” and the game continues. If a balloon bursts, that child is eliminated from the game.  With continuation of the game, much energy is used.

Variation:  The balloon may be carried under the arm instead of the chin or may be carried in both hands.

3.  Bird Seats

Procedure: Place the name of a bird (or add a picture with the bird) in each chair formed in a circle with masking tape.  When the teacher calls out the name of the bird, the child sitting in that chair must clap their hands.  When the teacher says “fly,” all the children must change places and take a new seat.  Anyone who does not do this command is out of the game.  

Variation:  Instead of birds like eagle, crane, robin, chicks, turkey, rooster, toucan and flamingos, you can use animals and say “run” or mix both birds and animals into the game saying either “run” or “fly.”  

4.  Blow Bubble Blow

Procedure:  The children line up and blow bubbles.  The longest distance wins.

See whose bubble can stay in the air the longest and not burst or see who can blow the most bubbles in the air at the same time.

Variation:  5 children selected with 2 teams.  The teams line up behind each other.  A string is tied between two chairs and the first child from each team goes to the line. The set have 15 seconds to blow bubbles over the string.  Another group of children with 2 teams continues another game.  The team with the most bubbles going over the string wins. 

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