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Do You?

A Game for Teachers to respond to “Do You?” 

Do you have a brother or a sister?

Did you like milk?

Do you have a grandmother living in southern states?

Do you like chocolate ice-cream?

Do you believe that the red in the red-light is on the

Do you like to cruise? 

Do you have green on today?

Do you work with children under 5 years old?

Do you have an “A” in your name?

Do you have relatives in another country?

Do you own a computer or laptop in your home?

Do you like hamburgers?

Do you sew?

Do you drive a white vehicle?

Is your front door of your home made out of wood?

Do you have blue on today?

Do you like broccoli?

Do you like to fly? 

Do you live more than 5 miles from your school?

Do you have a birthday in June?

Have you ever shopped on Christmas eve? 

Do you have a garage at your home?

Do you like orange juice?

Do you like to eat fish?

Do you have more than two 2013 calendars in your home?

Do you have a checkbook with you today?

Do you take any kind of medication?

Do you like football?


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