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Difference Between a Reward and a Bribe

Some teachers think that reward is the same as a bribe. It isn’t! There is a clear difference, reward is promised ‘before’ a child is asked to do something, as a way of eliciting a positive response and reinforcing the good behavior. A bribe is offered ‘after’ a youngster has refused to comply with a request, as a means of inducing him to do so.

An example, if the child was playing with toys and as a part of good behavior, the child should put the toys back in the toy box. If the child refused, then explain to the child to do so and enforce a discipline till the child cleans it up. But if you often, end up saying “Please put the toys back and I’ll give you a piece of candy,” this is where you have offered a child a bribe and power to not to comply with the request. In case of rewards, teachers are the ones who dispense rewards and only they can decide when they can be rewarded.

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