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Cooperative Action Games

Plate Disk Toss
— This activity promotes group cooperation, competition, and hand/eye coordination.  Place a garbage can or box in the middle of the circle.  Have children write their names on their paper plate.  Children are in a circle 3 or 4 feet from the garbage can or box.  At the signal, the children have 2 minutes to throw the paper plate in the garbage can or box as many times as possible.  Whether they miss or get it in, they get their paper plate, return to the circle to try again and again for 2 minutes.  The total amount is the winner.

— This activity also promotes group cooperation and to 
enjoy it. Use an old sheet and have 2 groups.  Team one holds one side of the sheet and team two the other side.  Place a nerd ball on the sheet.  The teams carefully shake the sheet so the ball goes to the other side of the sheet.  After practicing awhile, try a game.  When the ball goes off a team’s side, the other team gets a point.  Try 3 points to win.

On A String
— This activity involves cooperation and coordination.  Take string and make a large circle of string with it and tie the ends together.  Make sure you place a ring or something small and round in the string like the ring from a keychain.  Select one to be placed in the circle and child covers his eyes until the class counts to ten.  While the counting is happening, the ring is slide around on the string until ten and then that child hides it as the child grabs it. child has guesses with 3 for smaller groups and 5 for larger groups to find the child who has the string.  It’s a fun activity.


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