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Colored Activities for Young Children

Colors and Exercises

     Place different colored construction paper on each
wall.  Call out a color and all the
children face that color followed by calling out a movement like “marching in
place.”  After a minute or so, the
teacher says “stop!”  Another color is called
out like “red” and all the children face “red.”  This time the children “walk in place.”  Add other movements for the other colors like “swimming motion,” “funny
walk,” ‚Äúrunning in place,” “bending,” “jumping,” “turning,” “arms up and arms
down,” or “one step forward and one step back.”   

Crisscross Carpet

     Have two different colored carpet squares and place the two carpet square colors on the floor side by side.  Reverse placing of the color squares for the second, fourth, and sixth rows.   For example: 
one side of carpet squares will be red, blue, red, blue, red, blue,
red.  The child walks up the colored carpet squares and has to crisscross with the feet. 
When the child crisscrosses to the top colored carpet squares, the child next needs to try to walk
backwards down the colored carpet squares.  By
crossing the midline of the body, balancing and walking backwards, it becomes a real challenge and it may be difficult for some children to accomplish.   

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