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Carpet Squares

At the carpet store, pieces of carpets are thrown out; find small pieces of two different colors.  Cut out five carpet squares with each color. 

Activity #1 – Matching Colored Carpet Squares 
Line up 4 carpet squares of each color next to each other. Take the fifth carpet squares and place them on top of the feet and use elastic bands to wrap around the feet.  Make sure the carpet squares lined up match that foot.  The goal is for the child to walk up the carpet squares matching the colored squares.  When the child makes it to the top, the hard part is to walk backwards down the carpet squares.  This activity focus on the child knowing the front part of the body with the back part of the body.

Activity #2 – Crisscross Carpet Squares
Lined up the same way except you will crisscross the squares.  Take the second and fourth squares and switch the sides.  This time the child has to crisscross walking up the squares.  This activity focus on the child knowing the midline of the body.  When the child reaches the top, it becomes a challenge to walk crisscrossing backwards. 

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