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WHY IS A TEAM SO IMPORTANT TO HAVE? Here are some reminders as we began our school year!
The purpose for creating a team is to provide a framework that will increase the ability of staff to participate in helping plan, problem solve and making better decisions to serve our children. By doing this, it Increases participation and promotes:
1. Better understanding of decisions,
2. More support for and participation in implementation of plans,
3. Increased contribution to problem solving and decision-making.

In order for the school staff to fulfill their intended roles of improving effectiveness, it is critical that the team develops this working relationship with each other and focus together on school’s goals for the children and the reason for why we are here.

15 Benefits of Team Building:
1. Getting to know each other better
2. Bonding and improve morale
3. Building team spirit
4. Encouraging tolerance and understanding
5. Creating a sense of belonging and connectivity
6. Creating a climate of cooperation and collaborative problem solving
7. Improving motivation
8. Improving communication within the group
9. Team development-Building a community with a common purpose
10. Developing trust, care, compassion, kindness and creating empathy (Trusting each other AND yourselves)
11. Building self-esteem
12. Creating an understanding and awareness of individual differences, personality strengths and weaknesses
13. Breaking down barriers
14. Creativity-Doing things differently! Out of the box!!
15. Looking for higher levels of job satisfaction and commitment. And all the time … Having a huge amount of FUN.


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