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Are Babies Exposed to Stress?

       We all have heard and seen that babies are drawn to each other.  Babies do notice other babies’  

       distress and they will respond and fuss to another babies’ cry.  Are these beginning examples of                babies exposed to some kind of stress?  What happens if a parent or adult or caregiver shows a                lack of love for them?  What happens if a baby is ignored or not being talked to?  What happens              when they hear yelling and screaming?


       Babies need to communicate.  Babies need to be held and loved.  Babies are social beings!                      

       Playing with babies using music, games, reading to them, and making routines
enjoyable helps 

       show ways of reducing the stress that babies may feel and makes them a happier being in their                  early years of development.


       Notes from in-service titled “Understanding the Infants and Toddlers





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