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A to Z Toddler Activities-Part 3

Plate in the Mirror – Make silly faces into a mirror. Toddlers like to look at themselves. For added fun, place a mirror on the floor and let the toddler walk on it.

Quick Race – As fast as the child can do 10 step-in place steps, while competing with another child.

Ramp and Roll – Create a ramp with a large block or book. Then gather toys and show how the toys roll or slide down the ramp.

Share-A-Pair Race – Here’s a togetherness-promoting variation on a three-legged race. Instead of tying your leg to your teammates, a team of two “shares” a pair of pantyhose or sweatpants. Ideally, partners should be about the same height, but mismatched pairs make the race more challenging. Every team is given a pair of pantyhose or sweatpants (cut off the toes of the pantyhose). Each player places one leg into a leg of the hose or sweatpants so that the team is “sharing” the garment. Team members put their arms around each other’s shoulders to race.

Toilet Paper Barricade – Use a roll of toilet paper by creating barricades around the room for children to go over or under. Tape toilet paper from a chair to a chair or from a table to a chair or across the door to the bathroom, etc. The idea is not to break the fragile toilet paper as children are timed to go over or under the barricades without breaking the toilet paper barricade.

Uncle Sam Says – Touch your toes — but only when Uncle Sam says or you’ll be out. Find the fastest talker and put that motor mouth to good use. Let Uncle sam lead the children in this personalized version of Simon Says.

Vee for Victory – Two teams with 5 each. 5 feet on a chair is an ink blot. At go signal, the first child runs to the chair, takes index and middle finger and dips it in the ink blot. The child runs to the next chair and puts the fingerprints on the paper as a Vee sign; then returns to the end of the line. This continues with all 5 children to see who wins and has the markings on their paper. W
What! Chin-to-Chin Pass – Look, Ma, no hands! In this game, the chin is the thing. Fruit, rubber balls, or water balloons are passed from chin to chin, down the line to the last player. The first team to pass the fruit without dropping it wins. Teams consist of 5 to 10 players. Each team forms a line and is given a piece of fruit, like an apple or an orange. The first player places the fruit under his chin and bends his head to keep the fruit in place. The second player must use her chin (no hands allowed!) to take the fruit from the first player. Players pass the fruit from chin to chin until it reaches the last player, who holds the fruit in the air to signal the team is done. You can use a basket of fruit per team to make the game more challenging.

X Marks the Spot Relay – Make an X with masking tape for each team. At go, each child runs from a starting line to the X spot, steps on it with one foot and then the other, runs back and tags the next player. This continues until all 5 players have relayed the X’s to see which team wins.

Yanni, the Sleeping Pirate – All the children (except one – The Pirate, Yanni) sit cross legged on the floor in a circle. The pirate sits cross-legged in the middle of the circle, eyes closed, with a large bunch of keys spread out on the floor in front of him. A child is nominated to creep up and take the keys and then return to their place, without the pirate hearing

Zipper Relay Race – Two teams line up with 6 each selected. 10 feet apart on a chair is a zipper. The first child must run to the chair and unzip the zipper and run back to the end of the line. The second child runs and zips up the zipper and runs to the end of the line. This continues until the 6th child zips the zipper and runs to the end of the line to see the team winner.

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