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A to Z Toddler Activities – Part 2

Continuing the theme on games from A to Z, we will continue with:
I’m A Little Airplane (sung to “I’m a Little Teapot”)

I’m a little airplane (children raise arms at sides to shoulder height.)
Now watch me fly! (They spin one of their arms in front of them as if it were a propeller.)
Here are my instruments from down low to up high. (With their other arm, they reach from the ground to above their heads.)
First I get revved up. (Children make engine-like noises while still spinning their arms.)
Then I can fly, (Children raise arms to shoulder height.)
Lifting off the runway (They start walking forward.)
Up to the sky! (They go up on their tiptoes and continue to move forward. Let them circle a while before returning to their original positions.)

Jack in the Box Game – When the leader says “Jack in the box,” the children crouch down. When the leader says “Jack out of the box,” the children jump up. Can add music and when music stops, the leader calls out one of the statements. Check out my YouTube Jack-In-The-Box song at

Leap Frog – When the child leaps over the child, the child says the letter L. As each child leaps, see if the child can name a word that begins with L.

Marked Maps – Hide things in the classroom or outside and make maps with “X” marks the spot.

Name It – Point to something and let the child name it. Let them describe it and give the color. Encourage children to point out objects for you to name.

One Elephant Went Out To Play – Lay a string down the middle of a circle. Have one child be an elephant to stand on the string. The children learn a chant with this activity: “One elephant went out to play on a tightrope string one day. He had such great fun that he called for another elephant to come.” The child walks the string and then calls for another child to join in to walk the string. The number of the chant is now “two elephants.” Three other children join the string to make five but 5 children on a string is too heavy and the string breaks and the children fall down.

Pretend to Snore – Each child pretends to be asleep and try out their snore. Let the children wake up and be surprised, after all the children pretend to be asleep.

Next week we will complete the activities. Merry Christmas to all!

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