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Scheduling 2011-2012 for organizations & about perseverance

Scheduling for 2011-2012 for organizations, conferences, head start, early head start, and/or special needs around Canada and United States.  Check out www.welearnbydoing.com site for list of topics.

Here are a few topics presented in the past conferences and organizations: 

  • Math and Science for Children Under 5
  • Discipline Awareness for the Young Child
  •  Keeping Kids Safe (Sex Predators and Other Dangers)
  • The Connectrion of Emergent Literacy: the Arts of Music, Dance, and Stories
  • Rainy Day Games
  • The Magic of Music

Contact Bill Janiak-(305) 625-2128 or E-mail: williamjaniak@att.net for fees for presenting!

Remember, persistence is one of the keys to being successful in anything you do and in your teaching.  Thomas Edison failed 9000 times with the light bulb said “be patient” and “persistence is the key;”  Colonial Sanders shared his thoughts “never quit” and “be positive;”  and Ray Kroc of McDonald’s stated “never give up!” 

Perseverances are now our victories over struggles and challenges in our lives for us to become stronger.  Congratulations on the teachers who have endured throughout the years!!!

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