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Quick Games for Children – BJ02

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Additional Product Information

Here are 37 new creative game ideas using:

  • Puzzles,
  • Ping Pong Balls,
  • Hoops,
  • Everyday Questionaire,
  • Bean Bags,
  • Balloons,
  • Blackboard,
  • Buttons,
  • Paper Crumbling,
  • Carpet Squares,
  • Colors,
  • Matching,
  • Newspaper Cartoons,
  • Bubbles,
  • Ribbons,
  • and Tag Games.

Game Example: MOVING WORDS: To reinforce color recognition, develop thinking skills, and promote fitness, the children are spread around the room and standing. The teacher announces movement directions from the items they have on such as clothing, eyeglasses, blond hair followed by examples such as “If you have glasses on, hop on one foot” or “If you are not wearing a dress, shake your hands.”


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