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Monthly Archives: August 2017

What is Value?

The value systems are our personal core ethical values. Children learn these values early in life. The parents, teachers, and others, which enter their lives, build that character and individual style. By 10 years old, 90% of the values are locked into place. So, the first 1,500 hours of school (pre-school and kindergarten) are the Continue Reading


WHY IS A TEAM SO IMPORTANT TO HAVE? Here are some reminders as we began our school year! Answer: The purpose for creating a team is to provide a framework that will increase the ability of staff to participate in helping plan, problem solve and making better decisions to serve our children. By doing this, Continue Reading

Looking at the Word “ANGER”

Story: A man from Michigan had an idea for removing a stump from his yard. He decided to use a few sticks of dynamite he had stored away in his house. First he tried 6 sticks of dynamite but that did not do the job. Next, he tried 9 sticks of dynamite and that did Continue Reading