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Monthly Archives: May 2017

A teacher’s job is making sure children are safe, responsible for their health, development, nutrition and education. Combine those responsibilities with the ever-changing personalities of multiple infants, toddlers and preschoolers on a daily basis; teachers need a lot of positive qualities to be successful. What are some of those qualities? 1. A good teacher is Continue Reading

Quick Games for Children

These fun games are randomly selected and created by this author from “Quick Games for Children” (BJ02) found on www.welearnbydoing.com: 1. BEANBAG BOX BOWLING: Find a variety of nine small boxes like cereal boxes or children’s shoeboxes. Children can take each box and draw silly faces or some kind of picture on them. Place the Continue Reading

Thoughts for the Teacher!

• “Me” concept. The child is part of the “me” world. • We teach beyond the child’s interest; We should teach things when it is necessary and “hits” their interests. • Children help children. • We give a lot of negative reinforcements. • Teacher is responsible to put in everything she or he can put Continue Reading