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Monthly Archives: June 2016

2 Fun Summer Activities

The Left Family – The group stands in a circle each holding a piece of hard candy but with only one holding a chocolate candy bar. Everyone has to pass the candy to the next child according to the story being told. When the group hears the word “right” or the word “left,” the child Continue Reading

Everyone Has a Story in Life!

A 24-year-old boy seeing out from the train’s window shouted, “Dad, look the trees are going behind!” Dad smiled and a young couple sitting nearby, looked at the 24 year-old childish behaviors with pity, suddenly the boy again exclaimed: “Dad, look the clouds are running with us!” The couple couldn’t resist and said to the Continue Reading

It’s amazing how fast a year goes by. I was thinking about the summertime and how important it is for our children both in school and home to continue to use their bodies to develop their cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being through “leisure-time and play.” Thinking about the benefits: 1. Play is important for Continue Reading