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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Does your school staff work together?

I have been putting together a new topic: “The Basics of Team Building” designed for the preschool and K area for all staff and not just supervisors and directors. The following questions are asked about school staff working together as a team or are we just doing our own thing everyday? Do we know what Continue Reading

From attending previous conferences, many interesting observations have been made about classroom behavior and sometimes seeing that you the teacher and your behavior often contribute to a climate that could foster and create discipline problems through certain types of management procedures. Here are some teacher behaviors that create management problems—rather than solve them—have you experienced Continue Reading

The ME ME ME Virus or attention seeking children are everywhere! Everywhere you look, people are demanding attention! The desire for attention is universal regardless of age, color, language, culture, etc. As adults, we want our bosses to notice us and our spouses to talk to us. We need to feel important and heard. It’s Continue Reading