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Monthly Archives: December 2014


Music is one of my favorite activities for listening, for doing, for having fun and for achieving! WHAT ARE THE CHARACTERISTICS OF MUSIC? 1. Music captivates and maintains attention 2. Music stimulates and utilizes many parts of the brain 3. Music is easily adapted to, and can be reflective of, children’s abilities 4. Music structures Continue Reading

A to Z Toddler Activities-Part 3

P Plate in the Mirror – Make silly faces into a mirror. Toddlers like to look at themselves. For added fun, place a mirror on the floor and let the toddler walk on it. Q Quick Race – As fast as the child can do 10 step-in place steps, while competing with another child. R Continue Reading

A to Z Toddler Activities – Part 2

Continuing the theme on games from A to Z, we will continue with: I I’m A Little Airplane (sung to “I’m a Little Teapot”) I’m a little airplane (children raise arms at sides to shoulder height.) Now watch me fly! (They spin one of their arms in front of them as if it were a Continue Reading

A to Z Toddler Activities-Part 1

Keeping it light for the Christmas season, here are some activities for teachers to try out with toddlers. These are activity ideas for toddlers from A to Z. Remember, toddlers learns through play. Play is a way to explore the environment and gain some kind of knowledge, whether it is social, physical, emotional, or intellectual. Continue Reading

CULTURAL AWARENESS TEST 1. Diversity is the condition of being different. True or False 2. Valuing diversity in people means a. recognizing, accepting, and supporting their differences. b. reaching an agreement that is different. c. limiting the meaningful experiences. d. All of the above. 3. Are we often without a complete understanding of every person Continue Reading