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Monthly Archives: November 2014


I love to teach and learn from professionals and children about cultural diversity. Perhaps, you can add to the list for being more alert to cultural misunderstandings in non-verbal communication: . Pay attention to how others make their gestures and movements. If they are culturally different from you, expect that their gestures may mean something Continue Reading

As you can imagine, behavior problems in children can range from the obvious of: hitting pushing yelling fighting with peers difficulty changing from one activity to another sleeping problems excessive energy levels being unable to sit still and focus refusal to partake in normal childhood experiences or play picky eaters frequent tantrums extreme sensitivities and Continue Reading

Here is a list from teachers about their greatest strengths! Do you have any more to add?? My greatest strengths as a teacher is: • being able to connect with the children and getting on their level. • is managing a classroom and building and maintaining a warm, successful learning classroom environment. • listening and Continue Reading