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Monthly Archives: May 2014

6.  Science Activities offer children many hands on opportunities for observation, exploration, investigation, making predictions and experimentation and in using Science Songs with animals, earth, environment, nature, food and nutrition, healthy habits, and the human body.      Check out some of the youtube songs involving science: Sounds Around Us    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TE91upfnnPM Human Body    Continue Reading

5.  Music Activities help promote and encourage the children’s listening skills, creative expression and social interaction.  When music is used, children are able to explore sound, volume, tempo and rhythm.  (There are many educational concepts taught through music out there that  fit the curriculums of today which produce the rhythm and movements that children need to build Continue Reading

4.  Dramatic Play Activities help children express themselves, practice life skills, improve social skills, increase self-esteem, build vocabulary and solve problems.  Dramatic play is also a whole lot of fun!  Other benefits of play in the classroom include:  Physical: increase in strength, overall fitness, motor skill development, health; Cognitive: increase in skills such as problem Continue Reading