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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Young children learn through their 5 senses; therefore, providing hands-on experience allows children to touch, see, smell, taste, and hear become important.   When designing learning environments, teachers should focus on objects and materials they can provide for the children to handle and observe.   Many of us have a hard time developing materials from such experiences.  Continue Reading

Patience with Pre-Schoolers

Webster’s Dictionary says: “having or showing the capacity for endurance; bearing annoyance, hardship, and pain and without complaint, anger, or the like. Do children have this kind of patience?  Can they have endurance?  Do they bear annoyance and do it without showing anger or complaint?  Do children have patience in their talking, thinking and reasoning? Continue Reading

When Children Act With Aggression

Attending a seminar of children’s behavior, it made sense what the trainer said: When children react with aggression towards what was seemingly a simple request the underlying principle may be one of frustration.  If tasks they could accomplish yesterday can’t be done today, they become angry.  If the tasks become more difficult or more restrictions Continue Reading