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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Music is So Special!

I have seen the child’s self-expressions brought out vividly when music is used and as the child reacts. When a song has a strong emotional impact, children’s express themselves by attempting to sing, sway their bodies, dance, or clap. You will note that music becomes an excellent medium for these group experiences and allows interactions Continue Reading

Scheduling for August
2013-2015 for organizations, conferences, head start, early head start, and/or special needs around Canada and United States. Check out 
www.welearnbydoing.com site for list of

Here are a few topics presented
in the past conferences and organizations: 

  • Math and Science for
    Children Under 5
  • Discipline Awareness for the Young Child
  •  Keeping Kids Safe (Sex Predators and Other Dangers)
  • The Connectrion of Emergent Literacy: the Arts of Music, Dance, and Stories
  • Rainy Day Games
  • The Magic of Music
  • Importance of Teachers Using Traditional Games with Children with Today’s Modern Technology
  • The “Melting Pot” of Children in Today’s American Schools
  • The Growing Concern About Autism and Asperger Syndrome Found in Children at School

Contact Bill Janiak-Work: (305) 625-2128, Cell: (786) 525-5714 or E-mail: bill@musicwithbill.com

 for fees for presentations!

Parachute Games


Number Trade:

   Count off numbers by fours, as the group holds the parachute in a circle
formation. The instructor counts: “one, two, three”and the parachute is raised up. The leader calls out a number while the parachute is up high. The children with the called out number
changes places by running under the parachute to the other side to a new position, while the rest of the group holds the parachute up. After several called numbers, try calling two numbers like 2 and
4. It becomes challenging.  The more numbers called the more fun it is to make it to the other side before the parachute comes down.

Race to the Other Side:

 Divide the class into two teams.  Similar
to Number Trade, each team counts off numbers 1 to 4. When all lift the parachute, a number is called like 1 and all one’s changes places by going under the chute.  The first team to reach the
other side, scores a point for their team.  Play till one team reaches ten points.