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What are your strengths?

My question is “What are your strengths in dealing with children’s behaviors?”  Since you are working with children and with your experiences, then you do have something special going on between you and children. You do have your successes and I ask what are they?  Here are some reactions by teachers sharing this response:

 My greatest strengths as a teacher is:


  •       being able to connect with children and getting on their level.
  •              managing a classroom and building and maintaining a warm, successful learning classroom environment.
  •             listening and respecting children and developing creative and well thought out plans and activities.
  •             from the experiences I used hands-on activities.
  •             using my presentation skills are strong
  •             loving to teach and ability to adapt to changing circumstances
  •            being organized and finding fun ways to do subject areas
  •             ability to relate to the children
  •            include flexibility, compassion, passion for children and teaching, being an extremely hard worker, and using professionalism within a classroom
  •           being patient and flexible
  •           ability to read children are great strengths and assets
  •           Having a strong background in child development and knowing what to expect at different ages
  •           communicating with children, parents, and other teachers
  •   ...
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The Left Family

      Children form a circle and each child holds something like a pencil or piece of paper or candy.  Each time left is said the item is passed to the left.  Each time right is said the item is passed to the right.  When the story ends, the item held is theirs. Example: if all have a piece of candy but one item is chocolate, than that item is theirs at the end of the story.  This story can be used for holidays like Christmas and hold presents or for birthdays, Easter, etc.  Enjoy the Left Family story!

   A Special Time for the Left Family

Mr. and Mrs. Left were celebrating their special day today.    It was Left’s fifth anniversary.   They chose the right restaurant to go to celebrate.   It was their favorite Italian restaurant not far from Left’s house.   Their children, Mary Left, John Left, and Peter Left planned the whole event.   Also, the 6PM time was the right time to go before it became crowded.  

Some of the other family and friend members asked for directions.   The children wanted the family and friends to have the right direction and not get lost:  go 3 miles to Center Street, make a left, go another 3 blocks, stay in the left lane and make another left turn on 4th Street, take 4th Street to Heart Avenue and make a right, go 2 blocks and you will see the Italian restaurant on your left, make a left turn into the parking lot.   Make sure you stay in the right side of the parking lot because there is more than one restaurant there and park in the right side of the parking lot.   The tables are located in back of the restaurant but ask for Mr. Right, the manager, when you go in.   You will see all the names on the tables for your seating.   It was not long when Mom Left and Dad Left entered.   They were surprised to see many family members and friends attending and seated around the table. Of course, the children were seated next to mom and dad left: Mary Left, John Left, and Peter Left.   They sat on the right side of the table.   Grandpa Left sat on the left side of ...

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