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Shape Stomp and Free Dance

Shape Stomp   
Draw shapes on a sheet of paper like a square, triangle, circle, etc, and color the shapes using different colors.   Lay the sheets around the floor in an open space.  Tell the children that you are going to select one child to stomp on as many shapes as the class counts each jump, while music is played for about 30 seconds.  Ask the child which shape he or she stomped on more than any other shape.  

Free Dance 

Each child does their own thing and is able to express creative movement through music.  You will be surprised with gifts children have.  Put on a favorite song and simply dance.  By dancing children learn about spatial awareness, co-ordination, and body awareness.   You have also have individual solo dances for a short period of time and then see if the children can copy that creative dance.  


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What are the Goals Achieved Through Music?

What Kind of Goals is Achieved Through Music?

It sets up goals according to the group and/or individual situation such as:

1.       Develops a sense of rhythm.

2.        Improves speech and language.

3.        Provides an acceptable means for emotional release.

4.        Improves self-confidence.

5.        Trains following directions.

6.        Develops self-control, increasing retention and attention spans.

7.        Encourages growth in creativity and imagination.

8.        Correlatesmusic with other subjects.

9.        Improves coordination and motor control.

10.      Strengthens self-expression.

11.       Develops interpersonal communication.

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