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3 Fun Classroom Games to Play

TWENTY WAYS TO THE OTHER SIDE:  This activity involves movement.   Each child must move to the other side of the room in different ways like turning, walking, walking backwards, sideways, etc.  

CARTOON DRAMA:  Cut out a cartoon strip from Sunday's newspaper.  Use whiteout and cover over the blurbs.  Use the back of the cartoon strip and mix them up and number the order of the strip for you to remember.  Cut out each square of the strip and mix them up.  Hand out the strip squares to the child and let the child put it in order the best way and tell the story.

MUSICAL SHOE STRIP:  Children sit in a circle. Select a child and give a ball to hold. When the music starts, the ball is passed to the right.  When the music stops, the child with the ball must take one shoe off. The music begins again.   When a child loses both shoes, they are eliminated from the game.

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