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Monthly Archives: June 2011

What are the Characteristics of Music?

Music captivates and maintains attention

Music stimulates and utilizes many parts of the brain

Music is easily adapted to, and can be reflective of, children’s abilities

       4.   Music structures time in a way that we can

Music provides a meaningful, enjoyable context for repetition

       6.   Music provides a social context — it sets up a safe, structured setting
for verbal and nonverbal communication

Music is an effective memory aid

Music supports and encourages movement

Music taps into memories and emotions

10.   Music
and the silences within it provides nonverbal, immediate feedback

  11.  Music is success-oriented – children of all ability levels can participate

Group Auditory Games

Group Auditory Games

          1. Each child is given a piece of paper with something on it like dog, horse, or pig.   They are instructed to listen
carefully and follow the directions for coloring one area at a time like color the head blue or co;or the legs green.   The goals include manual dexterity, distinguishing colors,
and following simple directions.

          2. Ear training
with using different rhythm band instruments to distinguish notes alike, loud or soft, or how are they different.

          3. Ask the
children to name the loudest and softest sounds they can think of like whisper “hello” or “clap loud.”  Be creative.