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Easy Games for Preschoolers

These activities are from Easy Games for Preschoolers Workshop
       Good Morning Activities:

Describing Your Name

Thechild creates an adjective in front of their first name with the same letter.   Example: Hiccups Harvey.  

I’ve Got A Name

Have the children sit in a circle. The teacher demonstrates by saying his/her name and by clapping the name at the same time.   Then one child is selected to start by saying their name and by clapping their name at the same time.   The group copies that child by saying “his/her name is _____.”  Each child in the circle follows through with their names.   The coordination between saying the name and clapping the name comes from two different parts of the brain and it will help coordinate the rhythms within the child.  

Copy Cat Name 

Similar to “I’ve Got A Name” except the child stands up says their name with an action like a wave or a wink.   The group copies the action and says the child’s name.   Each child has a turn and tries to think of a new action with their name to not copy an action already presented.   The group learns names in a fun manner and the more times it is done, those classmates’ names are learned.   

Story Time:  

Make up a Story


Make up a story using on, in, under, behind, and beside.   The teacher demonstrates the words to be used.   Children are divided in pairs.   The child on the right goes first with the story and then the child on the left follows through with the story.   You can use props, too, like a chair or table.

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