Put These Ideas
Into Practice!

        What children learn through

·      Teaches child’s vocabularies to

·     Teaches sharing and taking turns
and improves cooperation

·      Teaches
hildren to develop empathy and express emotions

·      Teaches children
 develop patience and tolerance

·      Teaches
hildren to feel successful and gain independence      

Allow Enrichment
Experiences for Children K-3

·          Read the comic strips from the local
newspaper.   Teacher can cut the comic strip, write on the back of each strip a number so you know the sequence order, mix them up, and let the
children in groups of four arrange them in sequential order.   Or white-out the comic strip sayings and let the child create a new story.

·          Find familiar pictures or commercials
in magazines, cut them out and use them as their first words in reading what they see everyday in their environment like a stop sign or a Burger King picture.

·         Use magazines or newspaper pictures and/or
pictures of families, show the different kinds of emotions like smiling, being angry, crying and then ask the children questions about the pictures.  Let the children draw how they are