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What Kind of Values does Today’s Teachers Must Have? Part 4

The boy is listening to musicWe are continuing our search of how to make the right decisions to the dilemmas not only in our own lives but when we face the dilemmas of today’s children in our schools.  We already faced two examples about Gary and the Hunt family.  I wonder how you did in solving them?  What was your right decisions?

Another quality of trustworthy is integrity.  Webster’s dictionary says that it is the quality of being honest and fair like “He’s a man of the highest integrity.”   For the child to understand, it is a “the condition of being free from damage or defect
or total honesty and sincerity.”   The person of integrity takes time for self-reflection or self-examination so that they stay in control of the things that happen (events), crises of the day and the pressure of circumstances.  However, there are things that may get in the way like:

  • Self-interest — Things we want.  I would like to go on more cruises.  I want this website to do well and to hope for more teachers to read this article on values.
  • Self-protection — Things we don’t want.  I do not want to be disappointed in myself or be angry or let anxiety run me over and cause my behavioral to change.
  • Self-deception — A refusal to see a situation clearly.  I want to have that clear reasonable decision to help others.
  • Self-righteousness — An end-justifies-the-means attitude.  I don’t want to be narrowly minded or be convinced of one’s own righteousness especially in contrast with the actions and beliefs of others.

What would you do about Larry’s scenario?  

Larry is the Department of Children and Families representative in your state who inspects and checks the qualification training records of staff.  This one particular school Larry knows the director, Grace, quite well.  It seems he has a crush on her, too.  Other staff members can see the glow on his face, when Grace shows him the areas of the school.  When Larry inspects the files, he notices that several staff are not up-to-date with their certifications including Grace.  Larry seems to not take it seriously and he overlooks the records and does not mention it to Grace.  Of course, Grace knows her records along with the other staff members are not up-to-date.

Question:  You saw this happen and you know Grace has discussed to the staff to get those trainings done.  What is the right decision for you about Grace or Larry?  Does integrity take place in your conscious?

In our next segment, we will look at another quality of trustworthiness: “reliability.”




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More on Math Activities

       Thank you all for your nice comments on Math Activities. 

Children think Math in funny ways: How could you make seven even?  Ans. Take away the s.

What did the dollar say to 4 quarters?  You’ve changed!

What’s between seven and eight?  and

What goes up and never comes down?  Addition

Since I gave you some ideas on math activities, I would like for you to create math activities from these ideas listed below. 
        -Bean Bag Math
        -Newspaper Comic Strips
        -Shapes found in magazines

Doing numerial activities, I asked the children in the first row “how many bodies are there in the whole room?
                                              The second row “How many noses are there in the room?
                                              The third row “How many eyes are there in row 1 and row 2?
                                              I asked the girls “How many boys fingers are there in the first row?
                                              I asked the boys “How many girls ears are there in the room?
                                              I asked the girls “How many boys thumbs are in the room?   
                                              I asked the boys “How many girls chins are there in the room?
                                              I asked the group “Are there more ears or toes in the room?
                                              I asked the group “Are there less noses than eyes in the room?

These same questions can be used, too, by having girls and boys standing and facing each other from across the room.

Note: Keep in mind that a child’s view of the world and of math concepts is not the same as yours.